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I was born in the UK in 1949 in Redruth and lived in a small village just outside of Truro Cornwall called Idless for the first 2-3 years of my life, and lived in Truro for the following 20 years off my life, I then started traveling and working in the offshore industry for some 30+ years now, Working in such places as Thailand, Singapore, Brunei, China, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Nigeria, Angola, Chad, Kenya, Tunisia, and many more with some very memorable times.
Hobbies include Scuba diving since 1972, Fishing, Photography and traveling the world.
Since my second marriage in May 1998 to Sam I now live in the USA and enjoy the sun and the sea, Sam my wife learnt to dive after we married and its now difficult to keep her out of the water.



Dive trips on Live Aboards

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BackYard Plants

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Cetaceans etc South Africa

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Cape Town 2013

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Nikon Test Shots

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Meet Myah the new member of the family, Born 12/17/07

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Dominican Republic

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Karen's Pooch Party 03/19/2011

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Florida Audobon Birds

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SeaWorld 2008

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This is over 30 years of traveling and working in the world

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Bahamas 06/06

Nekton Live aboard trip

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Hallowen Underwater Pumpkin Carving

CFPD & Seminolescuba

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Boscastle, Cornwall, UK

Friends & Folk of Bos

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Reflections at Lake Eola, Orlando

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Saint's Way, Cornwall, UK

This has many of the Celtic cross's along the way

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Filming of Oscar & Lucida (Boscastle,UK)

Unseen Extras from the film set

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New York

Sunset on the New York sky line

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Winter in Boston & Salem

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Alturnun, Cornwall, UK

Small Cornish village

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Offshore structures and Sunsets

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Charlestown, UK

Charlestown was orginally used for loading ships with China clay used ...

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La Paz 2006

Dive trip to the Sea of Cortez

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